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Introduction to 'Innovate India'

by Give Smiles on November 27, 2016

Innovate India is a science exhibition contest scheduled to happen next year . Team Give Smiles is now in the process of introducing this to students from the less privileged community. We believe that at least 20 teams will register for the contest and will exhibit brilliant models/prototypes. 

We also had a Grocery distribution drive at Udavi Illam and also introduced 'Innovate India' to the children from the home. Earlier this month we also facilitated the distribution of Stationery to Kaakum Karangal in association with Bank Bazaar. 

Grocery Distribution

Sewing Machine Donation

by Give Smiles on November 19, 2016

Team Give Smiles donated a sewing machine to Annal home after having sponsored the tailoring education of a student from the home. We believe that this will also create an employment opportunity . More such vocational skills will be encouraged and developed in the future to come. 

This is a Give Smiles "Educate the Nation' initiative. 

Sewing Machine Donation