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Give Smiles Rain Rehabilitation Drive at Keelcherry, Pattipulam, Cheyyur and Mahabalipuram in association with Loyola College

by Give Smiles on February 28, 2016

The Give Smiles Rehabilitation drive (survival kit distribution) in association with Loyola College/LRRS was carried out in various parts of the State.

1. Pattipulam, TamilNadu
2. Keelacheri Village, Tamil Nadu
3. Cheyyur (Irular Tribe), Tamil Nadu
4. Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Special thanks to all our donors and Team Commutatus (Volunteer Support). Thanks to the entire team from Loyola College -LRRS .

Primary Obsevances
1. Pattipulam Area: 
Principal Occupation: Daily wage/ Construction 
Identified Issues: Below average infrastructure, Alcohol Issues, Education

2. Keelacheri Village: 
Principal Occupation: '100 Day work' (State Government), Farming and construction
Identified Issue: Education/Employment

3. Cheyyur (Irular Tribe) Region: 
Primary Activity: Hunting (for daily food)
Identified Issue: Education/Employment

4. Mahabalipuram (Madha Kovil) Region: 
Primary Occupation: Laundry /Washing 
Identified Issue: Education/Employment

Despite the above issues , there were so many aspects of inspiration . A seven year old Cheyyur Irular Tribe kid can read, write and speak English. One female student  from one of the above villages has successfully completed her first year in Under Graduate studies already. A few of them have also created their own occupation (Selling road side snacks, etc) . They all need only a small push to propel further , a small effort could go a long way . Volunteers and Donors are more than welcome to join us towards promoting Education and Women empowerment in the above mentioned regions.

Educate a Child.Educate the Nation.

Give Smiles Rain Rehabilitation

Activity in association with KCG College

by Give Smiles on February 12, 2016

Give Smiles is happy to have been associated with KCG College and its E-Cell members and kudos to the team for having organised an elaborate event (comprising of activities related to communication , performing arts , self defence and personal hygiene) at Govt High School , Thoraipakkam.

Give Smiles with KCG College