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Bringing more light on Diwali

by Give Smiles on October 23, 2014

Give Smiles volunteers took an initiative of reducing the use of crackers/fireworks during Diwali thereby contributing to a cleaner, less polluted Nation. Contributed the savings to an Orphanage and sponsored them a day's meal. 

Give Smiles wishes a Happy Diwali

Inauguration of Kalakkal Cafe at Vidya Sagar

by Give Smiles on October 12, 2014

Give Smiles volunteers actively contributed to the 'Kalakkal Cafe' concept introduced at Vidya Sagar special needs School. Give Smiles will also play a pivotal role in promoting this concept to reach everyone who can be benefited though Kalakkal Cafe. Kalakkal Cafe would be open all saturdays between 5pm to 9pm for the public as well as for the differently abled. 

Team Give Smiles will be visiting Kalakkal Cafe every Saturday in the absence of any already planned social activity.

Give Smiles at Kalakkal Cafe

 Articles on the media - Kalakkal Cafe

Visit to the exhibition stall by We CAN Autism Resource Centre

by Give Smiles on October 12, 2014

Give Smiles volunteers visited the exhibition stall put up in the city by We CAN autism resource centre and supported their activity.

We CAN exhibition

Joy of Giving Week - Book Donation

by Give Smiles on October 7, 2014

Give Smiles initiated a book donation drive during the Joy of Giving Week and the drive would happen till the end of this year.
Book Donation Drive