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First Donation to Udavum Karangal

by Give Smiles on June 22, 2013 7 Comments

If you have any clothes, toys or stationery that you could donate to the needy, Kindly contact us! Give Smiles makes its first donation to Udavum Karangal!


Udavum Karangal Visit

by Give Smiles on June 20, 2013 0 Comments

Give Smiles was at the Shanthi Vanam unit of Udavum Karangal yesterday and sponsored breakfast for around 300 children. Thanks to our Donor S.Kavitha ( A PhD student from Italy) for being the first person to donate on behalf of Give Smiles for this cause. Also yesterday's visit marked the launch of this website.


Chennai Coastal Cleanup - A success!

by Give Smiles on June 16, 2013 0 Comments

Give Smiles Volunteers actively participated at the Chennai Coastal Cleanup/4 on Sunday! It was wonderful to see the beaches after the clean up was completed! Bravo team!  Chennai Trekking Club and 'The Hindu' have put in their best effort to organise this event. The Zone (Besant Nagar) in which our volunteers were present accounted for the most quantity of garbage collected and is again a credit to all our efforts!

Give Smiles Volunteers

Volunteer of the day

Event Pictures: Click Here

Chennai Coastal Clean-up

by Give Smiles on June 12, 2013 54 Comments

Give Smiles is happy to be an active contributor to the Chennai Coastal Cleanup/4 happening on the 16th of this month (6am to 9am). Give Smiles will be joining hands with the Chennai Trekking Club for this event.

Event Details:

We are proud to have been included in the Coastal Clean Up Banner.

'V Go Green' Campaign

by Give Smiles on June 9, 2013 0 Comments

As a part of the World Environment Day Celebrations, Srishti had organized a week long (3rd to 9th June) Campaign under the theme 'V Go Green'. Give Smiles volunteers actively participated and contributed towards the success of the campaign. The Campaign was jointly organised by the
Youth ExNoRa and US Consulate General, Chennai.

Event Pictures: Click Here