Give Smiles Week '18 - Day 7

by Give Smiles on June 18, 2018

We conducted an online campaign to promote Autism Awareness on June 18th (Autistic Pride day).

Day 7

Give Smiles Week '18 - Day 6

by Give Smiles on June 17, 2018

We conducted an online campaign on June 17th  for World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. 

Day 6

Give Smiles Week '18 - Day 5

by Give Smiles on June 16, 2018

A food drive and education support drive was conducted at an NGO in Chennai as a part of the Give Smiles Week celebration. 

Day 5

Give Smiles Week '18 - Day 4

by Give Smiles on June 15, 2018

As a part of the World Blood Donor Day/Week celebration Give Smiles conducted a Blood Donation Camp at Cancer Institute, Adyar. 

Day 4

Give Smiles Week '18 - Day 3

by Give Smiles on June 12, 2018

Give Smiles Week stationery distribution was successfully completed at a Government School in Chennai. 

Day 3

Give Smiles Week ' 18 - Day 2

by Give Smiles on June 11, 2018

Give Smiles Week food drive was conducted at a NGO in Chennai today. 

Day 2

Give Smiles Week ' 18 - Day 1

by Give Smiles on June 10, 2018

Give Smiles Week kick starts at an NGO today ! The children came up with their own presentation of India 2050.

The key factors discussed were :

1. Pollution 
2. Water resource 
3. Agriculture

The children (of the age group of 8 to 15) have to be appreciated for their thoughtfulness despite limited exposure to the society .


Day 1

Give Smiles Week 2018

by Give Smiles on June 7, 2018

Give Smiles Week 2018

GS Week 2018

Aero-Modeling basics workshop

by Give Smiles on May 20, 2018

Conducted our first Aero Modeling workshop for the month at an NGO in Chennai. Basics of flight and gliding were taught along with assembly of a wooden glider model. 

Aero Modelling 2018

Grocery Distribution

by Give Smiles on May 19, 2018

We had our monthly grocery sponsor activity at an NGO in Arumbakkam, Chennai today. 

Migrant Workers' Children Summer Camp

by Give Smiles on April 29, 2018

Our team distributed stationery at the Migrant / Industrial workers’ Children’s Summer Camp at Gummidipoondi, Kaveripettai and Pudhupettai regions. 

Summer Camp 2018

World Health Day 2018

by Give Smiles on April 7, 2018

World Health Day Medical Camp completed at Udavi Illam and Gladden Children Home today ! Special Thanks to all our supporters Dr Hyderi , Fakhri Dental Camp and Agarwal Eye Clinic . General, Dental and Eye check up were successfully completed today !

Give Smiles World Health Day 2018

NGO Visit

by Give Smiles on March 26, 2018

Our team visited an NGO in Chennai today and distributed food. 

Chennai NGO 2018

Solar Energy Workshop

by Give Smiles on March 25, 2018

Solar energy and electrical basic workshop successfully conducted at an NGO in Chennai today along with a food drive. 

Solar energy workshop 2018

Food Drive

by Give Smiles on March 18, 2018

Organised a food sponsor at an NGO in Pallikaranai, Chennai today and special thanks to the Fudstaa team for the sponsor. 

Aeromodelling Workshop

by Give Smiles on March 17, 2018

The Aero modeling workshop was aimed at teaching the basics of flight physics to the children and the session turned out to be an eye opener. 


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Give Smiles is a Non Governmental entity that would be primarily focusing on imparting creative education to under privileged children in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. This includes activities like:

Communication skills, personality development, elementary computer education, hygiene, environmental awareness, pencil sketch, painting, creative writing, maths aptitude, paper crafting/modelling, stitching/weaving, handicrafts, carpentry, basic electronics and Aero-modelling.

Apart from the above activities we run various other projects related to infrastructural development (Project Nilam), provision of water treatment plants (Project Neer), quality food for the needy , environmental awareness (Project Green Street), Health (Project Arokya) and Education (Project Educate the Nation).


Our Mission is to impart creative education to less privileged children and to contribute towards any social movement towards the well being of the future generation.


Our Vision is to reach out to and support every less privileged child within the Nation.

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